48th András Román Summer University on Monument Protection in Eger, Síkfőkút

June 21-27, 2018
The Hungarian National Committee of ICOMOS has regarded as its most important task to contribute to the further education of the professionals dealing with monument protection and to disseminate up-to-date knowledge among them. In the realization of the above mentioned objectives, the András Román Summer University on Monument Protection is an outstandingly important and both nationally and internationally recognized and acknowledged element. This accredited professional further education course and international forum is organized 48th time this year.

Each year the theme is different and chosen to be always contemporarily relevant. This year, we join the “European Cultural Heritage Year”, the campaign of the European Union by choosing the theme:

Tourism that is connected to heritage (such as tangible, intangible or natural) also has important economic and employment influences. Besides the general features, it can have European, regional and local peculiarities. To achieve its positive potentials such as strengthening local identity, well-educated and co-operating professionals are essentials. The summer university as an international professional forum provides theory-based practical knowledge for the participants by means of its educational programme.

The complex and delicate tasks of heritage value protection involve multiple actors and accordingly they are discussed through analysing their progression and based on the most recent research results. The aim of the conference is to show in the widest possible context the theoretical background of European Heritage safeguarding and the relating pragmatic tasks by adapting the contemporary scientific and technical innovations.

The participants analyse the consequences of the constantly changing economic and social demands, the occurring challenges, and the methods that serve the co-operation of the participating actors. A series of Hungarian and foreign case studies provide examples for adequate practical solutions. The subjects are embedded in historical and social milieu. Excellent Hungarian and foreign lecturers present the comprehensive and professional aims, methods and creative adaptation steps of monument (and in a broader sense heritage) preservation.    

The duration of each lecture is 40-45 minutes. Participants can get acquainted with the details of the given subjects through multiple perspectives and with the most recent research results.

Monument protection, preservation and restoration are teamwork tasks. Besides the professionals of diverse fields important factors are the changing utilization demands and the perception of the general public too. As the scope of monuments that have to be protected increases and changes in time and space, the significance of utilization and sustainability becomes essential. All the parties involved have the task and responsibility to find the delicate balance and common ground of the projects. The programme of the Summer University would like to collaborate in these aims by giving direct professional support on contemporary theoretical basis in the theme of heritage tourism.

The summer university is an exceptional and acknowledged opportunity for further and life-long education. It intends to explore the decision makers’, professionals’ of diverse fields, owners’, local governments’ and the committed civilians’ possibilities. Participants can regularly greet professionals not just of diverse areas but also from different European countries and even from other continents (from South America to Africa, or from Japan to India). An additional merit of the Summer University is the special attention paid to those professionals (both Hungarian and non-Hungarians) who deal with heritage protection serving the Hungarian cultural identity.

As an international event translation is provided simultaneously in English and Hungarian.

Project owner: Hungarian National Committee of ICOMOS
Project type: summer university
Venue: Eger, Síkfőkút
Contact: http://www.icomos.hu/


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