Ars Sacra Festival

September 15-23, 2018
The Ars Sacra Festival has been organized by the Ars Sacra Foundation yearly, since 2007. Admission is free to all programs. The programs - concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, movies, literature presentations, guided city walks to sacral places - are based on the common sources of the Jewish-Christian European cultural heritage demonstrating the sacrality in this culture. Contemporary art is displayed as well and many young artists are performing.

Arts represent universal and excellent means to show up real values (e.g. beauty, goodness, social responsability etc.) Furthermore, arts can strengthen the cohesion in society. Hence, arts have an important role in a more global world, where moral uncertainty is present and a lot of people feel faithless, lonley and hopeless.

The Ars Sacra Foundation is dedicated to raise the spiritual standard of our nation and to develop its spiritual unity by organizing the Ars Sacra Festival. The former success of the Festval encourages us to hope that the same mission can be true on regional and European level too.

The goal of the Foundation is to extend the Festival to more and more European countries, to build personal contacts for reaching a common thinking, so that signs of the hope could be visible in the European culture. Therefore the organizers endeavour to attract more and more organizations, institutions and private persons to join the Festival either with their own program or as audience.

The Ars Sacra Festival offers an opportunity to create community between those who have a common cultural heritage and at the same time to have dialogue between different cultures.

Project owner: Ars Sacra Festival
Type: festival
Venue: Budapest and countryside, approx. 120 sites


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