Concerts of the Musica Rediviva ensemble

May 19 - December 31, 2018
The Musica Rediviva ensemble plays Medieval and Renaissance music, wearing Renaissance customes, and using authentic musical instruments. The group’s repertoire includes early music, often played famous pieces from great masters as well as unkown composer’s hardly known.The members of the Musica Rediviva groups obtained their diploma at the Music Academy in Budapest, and since graduating regularly give concerts in Hungary and abroad with great success. As a member of various chamber orchestras play in many countries from Japan to New Zealand.

Musical journey in the renaissance Europe
1) Music of kings and aristocrats                                                         
2) Compositions of noted British composers                                         
3) Pieces of famous masters at the brightest period of Netherlands     
4) The cradle of arts: renaissance Italian and French music                
5) Polish courtly music in old Krakow                                                
 6) Early Hungarian music

Old melodies  from the Codex Vietoris
Royal court music from the court of King Matthias
Dances from the Transylvanian Codex Kájoni

Project owner: Musica Rediviva Foundation
Type: concert
Venue: Budapest, Visegrád, Kolozsvár, Csíkszereda,Venezia,Assisi


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