Cultural Heritage thematic issue in Kulturális Szemle (Cultural Review) the online interdisciplinary scientific journal

2018 autumn
Kulturális Szemle (Cultural Review) is a journal that publishes scientific papers related to the Carpathian Basin and/or Hungarian cultural values, traditions, and innovations published in Hungarian. The NMI Institute for Culture Nonprofit Ltd. is preparing a thematic issue in the fall of 2018, which will gather the works of experienced and junior Hungarian and international researchers about cultural heritage.

This thematic issue of Kulturális Szemle is going to deal with cultural heritage(s) in a broad range. On the one hand,  scientific papers will present the literature of the field including results of previous researches, (while) on the other hand, they will also show new outcomes concerning cultural heritages.

The NMI Institute for Culture Nonprofit Ltd. has touched upon the subject many times in its researches over the last few years. Various surveys and interviews have been conducted and analyzed about living everyday traditions and values but also about the heritage of emblematic figures of Hungarian history (e.g.  Ferenc Rákóczi, Sándor Petőfi) just to mention a few topics. The upcoming issue will serve as a summary of these researches.

Besides the Institute for Culture, plenty of university institutes and even organizations outside the Hungarian border are dealing with similar topics in their researches. The issue will select from their work as well to present cultural heritage experts and their findings widely from the Carpathian Basin.

Partners in the program: NMI Institute for Culture Nonprofit Ltd., Expert Committee of Cultural Studies and Adult Education, Countries of the Carpathian Basin Cultural Roundtable (Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine)

Project owner: NMI Institute for Culture Nonprofit Ltd.
Project type: study, research, research activity
Target Group: all age groups
Venue: Carpathian Basin


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