International Flag Parade by ESN Hungary

October 27, 2018
The aim of the Flag Parade organised by Erasmus Student Network Hungary is to encourage more and more young people in Hungary to discover the European cultural heritage and to strenghten the sense of belonging to the common European area. In the framework of the programme a huge number of students from 18 university will walk around the most beautiful parts of Budapest to show the world that we are United in Diversity.

15: 30-16:00 - Beginning the assembly at March 15 Square.
15: 30-16:00 - Distribution of self-adhesive flag stickers for participants
15: 30-16:00 - And the division of face paints for painting the flags on the face.
16:00 - Departure
16:45 - Creating a group picture
18:00 - Arriving to the final stage, then walk to Morrison’s 2 for a follow-up event

Project owner: ESN Hungary
Venue: Budapest:


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