International Vintage Festival of Kozármisleny 2018

September 6-9, 2018
In the beginning of September, a 4-day international vintage festival will take place in Kozármisleny, with the participation of dance groups from Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Italy.

Participants of the Vintage Festival are seeking to promote the feeling of European identity and belonging to the European area by promoting their own national and local harvesting traditions, dances, and local wine culture and the traditions and wear of other nationalities (German, Bosnians, etc.), teaching dances in dance houses.

The goal of th Józsa Gergely Folkdance Association is to strengthen the feeling of European identity and belonging to the European area, and promote them with the festival program at national and European level. The harvest festival is an opportunity to bring people closer to the European cultural heritage and cultural values.

As a host organization, during the harvest festival, each festival group will be able to exhibit at the festival venues the cultural, natural and constructed heritage of their narrower patriarchs with photographic documentation.

In 2012, the Association received the Award from the Foundation for Cross-border Hungarians.
In 2016, the president of the Association received a cerfificate from the Foundation for Cross-border Hungarians for the unselfish help and support of the All Arts Festival of Hungarians beyond the borders.

Project owner: Józsa Gergely Folkdance Association
Type: festival
Venue: Kozármisleny


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