Kapolcska Program - youth camp and family festival of arts

June 24 - July 1, 2018
Kapolcska Program is a cultural start-up targeting the quality-oriented entertainment and education of the youngest generation. The program addresses the 9-15 year-old children and their families. The innovative project which is based on the interaction between artists, teachers and young people, aims to become an international educational and artistic centre by 2020.

The educational segment of the program promotes search for musical, artistic and theatrical talents of the young generation. The project is located in a small town of a micro-region in Hungary (Kapolcs), which has great cultural traditions; and during the past years it has been the venue of the largest art festival in Hungary (Valley of Arts Festival).

The new innovative program helps developing the talents of urban and smaller settlements through the synergies and re-interpretation of classical and folk art elements. It also supports the creativity of local young people.

The social integration section is a practical example for promoting the opportunities of cultural equality. Traditional sections are the bridge between cultural past and present. Several other sections deal with contemporary experimental art using digital techniques. The program is also open for Hungarian ethnic minorities across borders and provides opportunities for international volunteers.

Project owner: Cultural and nature conservation of Kapolcs
Type: festival, education activity
Target group: youth between 9-15 years and families
Venue: Kapolcs
Contact: www.kapolcska.hu; www.kapolcsiegylet.hu


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