Kodály’s World Meeting

Through the social innovation work of the organization, they have already organized two Kodály’s World Meeting where they performed Kodály’s „Kállai kettős” and „A magyarokhoz” together with amateur singers. They also had three conferences with a large research group for creating a new complex method (Kodály-Dienes) for children 3-12 years old. They are working on their first book („We are all the students of the Master”) that can be a proof of the advantages of musical and complex teaching and learning.
Through their social innovation activities their main goal is to save and maintain the values of Kodaly’s educational principles that can be a strong foundation of a valuable human life, facilitate and foster these principals to become more and more known and acknowledged.

All of their activity is related to Zoltán Kodály's musical education system, to life-style, life reform elements of his life, to his lifelong learning educational ideas and to the support of  outstanding human life. They are about to launch the movement "Let it be Common Singing, Common Thinking, Common Creating our Common Language in the World". The organization also have Hungarian and international cooperation agreements p.e with the Chinese Music Association for four years.

"Culture cannot be inherited. Ancestral traditions evaporate rapidly unless each generation reacquires them for itself. "(Kodály). We are responsible to hand down our traditional treasures, our stable knowledge which we improved for the requirements of our time, in order to have other common values beside our mother language through which we are able to make us understand and we can understand others.

Project owner: Kodály Világa Tudományos és Művészeti Nonprofit Kft.
Venue: Budapest, Brussels
Contact: www.kodalyvilaga.hu


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