Örvényeshegy Piknik

May 25-27th, 2018
In 2018 one of Hungary’s latest art festival will be launched in Zalacsány. Örvényeshegy is a fabulous place in the Zala hills. The main stage is lying in a wooded area, which is a perfect venue for concerts, theatre plays and literary programs. The festival is opened by one of the world’s best guitarist, Al Di Meola and during the three days visitors can hear - among others - Pély Barna, Pribojszki Mátyás Band and Jónás Vera Experiment.

One of the best guitarists of the world shall open the Örvényeshegy Picnic that takes place for the first time in Zalacsány. This three day arts festival offers music, theatre, literature, and delicious wine for visitors in a natural environment.

Örvényeshegy, that belongs to the village of Zalacsány, is a peaceful area at the fringe of the forest hiding among the hills of Zala County. This fabled place will host a really special arts festival between the 25th and 27th of May. The three day event will start off with the open-air concert of the world-famous guitar player Al Di Meola, and proceed with the appearance of Hungarian artists such as Barna Pély, the Szabó Balázs Band, the Pribojszky Mátyás Band, and the Jónás Vera Experiment. Children will be entertained by Ági Szalóki and Szilvia Bognár, while those interested in literature can meet Dániel Varró and György Molnár. The Momentán - Improvisation Theatre will also move to Örvényeshegy together with the play of Károly Rékasi and Gerda Pikali.


The festival is organized by the Arts for Rural Development Foundation (Művészetek a Vidékfejlesztésért Alapítvány). As Natália Oszkó-Jakab, the president of the foundation said, there are many undiscovered wonders in our country: „It is always a great pleasure for us when a charming village like this decides to introduce its hidden resources through arts, and we are proud that we can help them, that we can be a partner in their efforts. We happily said yes to the request of Tamás Badacsonyi. Örvényeshegy is a treasure, and we would like to familiarize it with as many people as possible.“

Tamás Badacsonyi and Nikoletta Badacsonyi are the owners of the Pálos Resort, that is the main venue of the event. This festival is their dream that has become a reality. „Our family moved here from Budapest, and we all fell in love with Örvényeshegy. There was this exciting thought already from the beginning that this enchanting place could be the home to fantastic cultural events.“

On the territory of the festival there had been the most significant monastery of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit in the 13th century. Nowadays, the Pálos Resort - named after the monastery -, cooperating with and helping the Farm Inn, attracts those who wish to relax.

Örvényeshegy welcomes visitors with birdsong, babble, and a real picnic atmosphere. They can taste local wine and food while listening to the concerts that perfectly match the beauty of the environment.

Project owner: Arts for Rural Development Foundation (Művészetek a Vidékfejlesztésért Alapítvány)
Type: festival, event, performance
Venue: Zalacsány
Contact: http://orvenyeshegypiknik.hu/


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