The Danube Bank of Pest, as part of the World Heritage - local history competition

January 31- May 29, 2018
This year's topic of the local history competition organised by the Kincses Belváros Association is the presentation of the values of the Danube Bank of Pest, whose architecture is part of the World Heritage Site of Budapest.

The competition organised by Kincses Belváros Association consists of two parts. The schools can take part with teams of five learners. The first task is to make an album in one of the given topics. The best ten teams make the final ten. In this part first they have to prepare and display a  presentation, and answer different questions in writing. The best five teams win a one day reward trip to a Hungarian World Heritage Site.

Project owner: Kincses Belváros Association
Type: Local history competition for primary schools
Venue: Budapest


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