Whitsun Heritage Festival – International Gathering of Intangible Cultural Heritage

20-21, May, 2018
The festival is a possibility for the intangible cultural heritage communities to introduce themselves in the environment of the Skanzen’s folk architectural monuments. Craft demonstrations, stage performances are parts of the program, and active involvement of the audience into the participatory activities is a significant feature too. Visitors can get a taste of the heritage practice of the communities, can experience community identity and the demonstrations of knowledge, skills and expression forms. They can encounter real value and living tradition in an authentic environment.

The game of whitsun were presented by the girls. Hungarian Open Air Museum. Photo: Balázs Farkas-Mohi

Photo: Balázs Farkas-Mohi

Photo: Balázs Farkas-Mohi

Photo: Balázs Farkas-Mohi

Project owner: Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, Open Air Museum
Type: festival
Venue: Szentendre
Contact: www.szellemikulturalisorokseg.hu/index_en.php


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