Day of Historical gardens and parks in June

June 1-3, 2018
Inspired by the "Rendez-vous aux jardins", developed in France since 2003, in 2018 the programme will be extended into a pan-European event combining activities in other interested European countries. For that occasion, the Day of Historical gardens and parks will be organised on the first weekend of June in Hungary too.

This event was launched by the French Ministry of Culture and led by associations of private owners of gardens and parks, brought together in 2017 nearly 3,200 events (exceptional openings of private gardens, special visits, conferences, concerts, etc.) throughout France. A theme is defined each year (the 2017 edition was dedicated to "garden sharing"), but it is not restrictive concerning the events organized in each garden.

The project of the European Cultural Heritage Information Network (HEREIN) called "HEREIN in the Garden" was born in 2015 and already bringing together garden policy makers from 22 European countries, it has already launched several concrete projects. The aim of the network is to extend the French initiative in 2018 into a pan-European event combining activities in other interested European countries.

The theme chosen for 2018 is "Europe of the Gardens". All types of gardens (historical or contemporary, of vegetable, orchards, collectives, etc.) can participate. The first day is traditionally reserved for schoolchildren while Saturday and Sunday are open to the general public. However, there are no opening restrictions, as garden owners can decide to open their spaces only one or two days. The costs of the programme are financed by the organisers, free admission is encouraged, but it is possible to set up a ticket office. The French coordinator provides the communication campaign: posters in various formats, dedicated website, social networks, media, etc. A map will present all the events organised on 1,2 and 3 June 2018 in Europe.

More information about the programme is available under Related files.

Organizers: French Ministry of Culture, HEREIN network
Possibility of participation: gardens, parks


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