Programme series during the whole year

Memorial Year of Saint Irene of Hungary

The Monastery of the Pantocrator which is now a significant mosque in Istanbul was founded 900 year ago by the Byzantine empress, Saint Irene of Hungary. The program series dedicated to her, wishes to promote her legacy which is an important part of both Hungarian and Byzantine-Turkish cultural heritage as well. This program series is a perfect example how to connect Europe’s cultural heritage to a heritage of a muslim country outside of Europe.

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PRO URBE Forum in the European Year of Cultural Heritage

In co-operation with the ever-expanding PRO URBE Forum European civil heritage network, the Hungarian programs of the year will open up to the countries of our region (Visegrád countries and the countries along the Danube, the Baltic, the Balkans) and increasingly in a pan-European perspective.

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Kodály’s World Meeting

Through the social innovation work of the organization, they have already organized two Kodály’s World Meeting where they performed Kodály’s „Kállai kettős” and „A magyarokhoz” together with amateur singers. They also had three conferences with a large research group for creating a new complex method (Kodály-Dienes) for children 3-12 years old. They are working on their first book („We are all the students of the Master”) that can be a proof of the advantages of musical and complex teaching and learning.
Through their social innovation activities their main goal is to save and maintain the values of Kodaly’s educational principles that can be a strong foundation of a valuable human life, facilitate and foster these principals to become more and more known and acknowledged.

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Prekmurje Moves to Ljubljana

Every year, connected to traditional Hungarian festivities, the Ljubljana Cultural Institute invites arts and craftsmen from the Hungarian region of Slovenia to introduce themselves to the people of the Slovene capital. They will teach school children the know-how of the preparation of their simpler products, thus contributing to the preservation of Hungarian folk traditions from the border area of the country.

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Projects fostering cultural cooperation of the Visegrad Countries, New York

This year the Hungarian Cultural Center, New York supports the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group through several key initiatives. In cooperation with the other cultural institutions of the Visegrad Group in New York, the Center organizes a variety of genre-related programs, including film screenings, literature events, performing arts and music, to show how diverse and interlinked the culture of the V4 Countries is.
The program is linked to the European Year of Cultural Heritage and aims to promote regional cooperation between European cultural institutions in New York and display a concentrated Central European cultural heritage to foster the development of the country brands and build sustainable tourism in the region.

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125th anniversary of institution of the Department of Venereology and Dermatooncology of Semmelweis University

The 125th anniversary event of the Clinic is accommodated to the strategy of EYCH focusing on the historical past and values of Budapest and the Clinic, supporting European heritage preservation. Starting with opening and media ceremony, vocational training, public campaign, open days, digitalization programme and annual book will be performed.

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