Youth programmes, competitions for schoolchildren

The Danube Bank of Pest, as part of the World Heritage - local history competition

January 31- May 29, 2018
This year's topic of the local history competition organised by the Kincses Belváros Association is the presentation of the values of the Danube Bank of Pest, whose architecture is part of the World Heritage Site of Budapest.

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Kings and Queens of Europe art contest

The Europe Direct office of Szolnok organized art contests for years on European topics. This year, on the occasion of the European Year, the topic is: King and Queens of Europe, also connecting a little bit to the Hungarian anniversary of King Matthias. The best works will be exhibited on Europe Day in the Verseghy Library (Szolnok).

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Petőfi Sándor Poem Recitation Competition and National Day Celebration

March 9-10, 2018
The Petőfi Sándor Poem Recitation Competition is organised by the Szalárdi János Association every year as part of the Hungarian National Day's celebrations for the students to compete from the local and nearby schools. In 2018 will be the tenth anniversary of this event and it plays an important part in the local and nearby area's national celebrations.

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„Conservation of our built heritage” – 24th International Students’ Conference of Architecture

April 6-8, 2018
The three-day conference held annually for students – also for those of Hungarian nationalities living in the neighbouring countries - studying constructional architecture, historical heritage in secondary education will give the opportunity for the 24th time to present historical heritage on posters and in written studies of students taking part in the competition on a given topic. Parts of the conference are display, study tour, quiz on local knowledge, ceremonial announcement of results. Aim of the program is youth education engaged in preserving architectural heritage.

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Széchényi Day – Europe Day

April 20, 2018
The Széchényi Ferenc general high school in Barcs organizes a so-called Széchényi Day every year, when all of theclasses take part in a competition regarding culture and tradition. As one of the 25 (this year 35) European Parliament Ambassador Schools this year they organize a Europe Day with the special topic: European Year of Cultural Heritage. During the day the classes compete with each other.

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Kolozsvár Children's Festival

June 16-17, 2018
The Association for Innovation in Education is an organization whose main goal is to provide cultural, educational, traditional programs and activities for children, pedagogues and families. The Children’s Festival is a project started in 2016 and it’s main goal is to strengthen interethnic relations, providing the possibility of spending time together in a natural environment, practicing social abilities through pleasant experiences.

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Kapolcska Program - youth camp and family festival of arts

June 24 - July 1, 2018
Kapolcska Program is a cultural start-up targeting the quality-oriented entertainment and education of the youngest generation. The program addresses the 9-15 year-old children and their families. The innovative project which is based on the interaction between artists, teachers and young people, aims to become an international educational and artistic centre by 2020.

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Workshop for School Groups at the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana

September 18-22, 2018
On the occasion of the Cultural Heritage Week and the European Day of Languages, felting techniques will be introduced to Slovene primary and high school students at the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana.

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