Participating castle parks, gardens and arboretums in Hungary:

The Day of historical gardens and castle parks will take place in the first weekend of June 2018 (June 1-3) inspired by the successful event series of Rendez-vous aux Jardins in France, to which this year 15 further countries are joining: Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland.

The event was launched by te French Ministry of Culture in 2003, brought together nearly 3200 events  (exceptional openings of private gardens, special visits, conferences, concerts etc.) through France. A theme is defined each year, but it is not restrictive concerning the events organized in each garden.

The HEREIN (International Association of the European Heritage) launched its project "HEREIN in Garden" in 2015 to raise awareness at an European level to issues concerning garden heritage policies. In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the HEREIN plans to extend the French programme into a pan-European event combining activities in other interested European countries.

The theme chosen for 2018 is "Europe of the Gardens". All types of gardens can participate (historical or contemporary, of vegetable, orchards, collectives etc.). The programme is made up of 3 days: Friday is traditionnally reserved for schoolchildren while Saturday and Sunday are open to the general public. However, there ar no opening restrictions, as garden owners can deicde to open their spaces only one or two days  out of three.

Registration shall be made on this link. In order to appear in the Hungarian event series, please forward your application for the Hungarian coordinators of EYCH to the LCDSXiggvBBPByb8l2kZh2ZNZXljaDIwMTguaHVuZ2FyeUBtZS5nb3YuaHU= e-mail address.

Graphics: Chevalvert