June 21 - September 10, 2018; 11-31 October, 2018
The exhibition is a dignified way of celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The sophisticated artistic values of our counrties will be presented through a cultural dialogue between Hungarian and Greek artists. The selection of the site, which is a spa building, historical building is refers to our common cultural connections. On the World Music Day, Attila Dóra and Thanos Chrysakis with an extraordinary musical experience add to the Athens opening.

The artists, whose works will be featured for the first time at this joint exhibition, will also talk about their creative experiences. „Earlier, I worked on my paintings from an emotional rather than a philosophical perspective. Music played a key role in that creative process. The similarities between painting and music started to interest me more and more, thus I started searching for inspiring music fitting to the given train of thought or my current state of mind more and more consciously. Nevertheless, later, music served only as a help for the mental journey and I never painted the music or painted on the basis of the music, but I searched for a piece of music fitting to the current aim of my painting. Nowadays I try to portray inner „musical” pictures, coherent processes, and symbolical sign-systems on my paintings.”

The exhibition is one of the highlighted events of the European programme series of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Partners: Greek Cultural Ministry, Ákos Révész and Zolotakis Apostolis painters, Gkintidis Papers

Dates and venuees of the programme:
Bath House of the Winds, Athens (Kyrristou 8, Plaka):
a) Inauguration of the programme: June 21, 2018 (International Music Day)
b) the programme can be visited until: September 10, 2018

After Athens, the exhibition will be hosted in Ctrete, in the ΚΑΜ Chania between 11-31 of October in the framework of the „Cultural Summer Chania 2018”.

Project owner: Embassy of Hungary in Athens
Type: exhibition
Venue: Athens, Chania
Contact: http://www.reveszakos.hu/; http://www.zolotakis.com/